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Azure Functions for Rust

The Azure Functions for Rust crate supports creating Azure Functions with Rust.

The following Azure Functions trigger bindings are supported:

The following Azure Functions input bindings are supported:

The following Azure Functions output bindings are supported:

Eventually more bindings will be implemented, including custom binding data.


Start by installing the Azure Functions for Rust SDK:

$ cargo install azure-functions-sdk

Create a new Azure Functions for Rust application:

$ cargo func new-app hello && cd hello

Create a HTTP-triggered function:

$ cargo func new http -n hello

This generates src/functions/hello.rs with the following contents:

use azure_functions::{
    bindings::{HttpRequest, HttpResponse},

pub fn hello(req: HttpRequest) -> HttpResponse {
    "Hello from Rust!".into()

Azure Functions are implemented by applying a #[func] attribute to a Rust function.

Run the application with cargo func run:

$ cargo func run

The above Azure Function can be invoked with http://localhost:8080/api/hello.

The expected response would be Hello from Rust!.


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