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Ayaka was initially a project for OSPP 2022.

For Simplified Chinese version README, see 简体中文

About the name

The frontend is Ayaka. The runtime is Ayaka. The script is Ayaka. Just Ayaka.

What we've done

  • A cross-platform visual noval (VN) runtime with rust
  • A well-defined and easy-to-author VN config file format, based on YAML.
  • An embedded custom script.
  • CLDR-based i18n support.
  • A flexible plugin system based on WebAssembly. It provides hooks of the runtime and interop functionalities with the script.
  • A decoupled framework - the frontend, backend and plugins are decoupled.
  • A CLI frontend to check grammar errors and debug quickly.
  • A GUI frontend powered by Tauri and Vue, with Live2D support.
  • A prototype LaTeX frontend to generate PDF from the config.


Ayaka Book

API docs




This project is licensed under the MIT license.


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