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awsm is mid-level crate for rust-powered wasm, especially gamedev / immersive experience things that need higher performance and/or no GC



Still keeping it in minor version number for now, since the API might change - but lots of stuff is done :) Check it out!


Overall, the approach with this library is similar in spirit to gloo - that is to say, it aims to bridge the gap between the auto-generated WebIDL-powered bindings web-sys provides, and the type of code we'd typically consider a real starting point in web apps.

It's also just my personal stomping grounds to figure stuff out, both on the Rust side (it's my first project) and the raw webgl renderer side (second or third) and is therefore more free to err on the side of "is this good enough for now" vs. "is this the right api, is it modular enough, etc."

The various features pretty much match what is testable on the demo and each one has a link to that example's source.

Although it's a mid-level, and at times- very opinionated, wrapper, the goal is also to keep it very low level and low-cost abstraction. For example, the webgl wrapper does a ton of up-front caching and stores local state to avoid making gl calls unnecessarily - something most projects would do, but it doesn't provide a scene graph or any sort of inherent groups of draw calls. It's essentially free to work with all the shader variables by name (uploading attributes, uniforms, switching textures and programs, etc.) and changing rendering state (blending functions, toggles, etc.) - but this library does not check that all the calls that you'd want to do in a certain blend state are grouped together, for example. That would be another level abstraction on top of this.


Commands are run via npm in the examples/ folder

Development mode

npm start

This will spin up the demo and open a browser with live reloading. Requires that watchexec be installed)


npm run bundle

Really just a preliminary step for deployment, but useful for seeing how the optimization settings kick in too. Requires that wasm-opt be installed. tip: just extract the zip and put it in the path somewhere.


npm run deploy

Should fail for non-authorized users... Requires that netlify-cli be installed)

Live Coding

As a way to self-motivate getting over the learning curve (as mentioned above - this is my first Rust project), I thought it might help to livestream the coding+learning sessions, and also archive them in a playlist for a look-back.

On twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/dakomz


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