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AWS signature verification routines for Rust

Crate: aws_sig_verify

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The aws_sig_verify crate provides AWS SigV4 verification routines. This is not the library you want if you just want to call AWS services or other services that use AWS SigV4 signatures. Rusoto already has a library, rusoto_signature, that provides this functionality.

If you are attempting to perform AWS SigV4 verification using AWS-vended credentials, this library also will not work for you. You need the caller's secret key (or a derivative), and AWS does not allow this for obvious reasons. Instead, you should be using API Gateway with IAM authentication.

On the other hand, if you have your own ecosystem of AWS-like credentials and are developing mock-AWS services or just really like AWS SigV4 but can't run within AWS, this library might be for you.

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Version information

Version 0.5 supports ring 0.14, needed for Gotham 0.4.

Version 0.6 supports ring 0.16, needed for Gotham 0.5.


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