Cargo Features

aws_lambda_events = { version = "0.15.0", default-features = false, features = ["activemq", "alb", "apigw", "appsync", "autoscaling", "bedrock_agent_runtime", "chime_bot", "clientvpn", "cloudformation", "cloudwatch_alarms", "cloudwatch_events", "cloudwatch_logs", "code_commit", "codebuild", "codedeploy", "codepipeline", "codepipeline_cloudwatch", "codepipeline_job", "cognito", "config", "connect", "dynamodb", "ecr_scan", "firehose", "iam", "iot", "iot_1_click", "iot_button", "iot_deprecated", "kafka", "kinesis", "kinesis_analytics", "lambda_function_urls", "lex", "rabbitmq", "s3", "s3_batch_job", "secretsmanager", "ses", "sns", "sqs", "streams", "documentdb", "eventbridge"] }
default = activemq, alb, apigw, appsync, autoscaling, bedrock_agent_runtime, chime_bot, clientvpn, cloudformation, cloudwatch_alarms, cloudwatch_events, cloudwatch_logs, code_commit, codebuild, codedeploy, codepipeline_cloudwatch, codepipeline_job, cognito, config, connect, documentdb, dynamodb, ecr_scan, eventbridge, firehose, iam, iot, iot_1_click, iot_button, iot_deprecated, kafka, kinesis, kinesis_analytics, lambda_function_urls, lex, rabbitmq, s3, s3_batch_job, secretsmanager, ses, sns, sqs, streams

These default features are set whenever aws_lambda_events is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.

activemq default

Affects event::activemq

alb default = bytes, http, http-body, http-serde, query_map

Affects event::alb

apigw default = bytes, http, http-body, http-serde, query_map

Affects event::apigw

appsync default

Affects event::appsync

autoscaling default = chrono

Affects event::autoscaling

bedrock_agent_runtime default

Affects event::bedrock_agent_runtime

chime_bot default = chrono

Affects event::chime_bot

clientvpn default

Affects event::clientvpn

cloudformation default

Affects event::cloudformation

cloudwatch_alarms default = chrono

Affects event::cloudwatch_alarms

cloudwatch_events default = chrono

Affects event::cloudwatch_events

cloudwatch_logs default = flate2

Affects event::cloudwatch_logs

code_commit default = chrono

Affects event::code_commit

codebuild default = chrono

Affects custom_serde::CodeBuildNumber, event::codebuild

codedeploy default = chrono

Affects event::codedeploy

codepipeline_cloudwatch default = chrono

Affects event::codepipeline_cloudwatch

codepipeline_job default

Affects event::codepipeline_job

cognito default

Affects event::cognito

config default

Affects event::config

connect default

Affects event::connect

dynamodb default = chrono, serde_dynamo, streams

Affects event::dynamodb

ecr_scan default

Affects event::ecr_scan

firehose default = chrono

Affects event::firehose

iam default iot

Affects event::iam

iot default iot_deprecated = bytes, http, http-body, http-serde, iam

Affects event::iot

iot_1_click default

Affects event::iot_1_click

iot_button default

Affects event::iot_button

iot_deprecated default = iot

Affects event::iot_deprecated

kafka default = chrono

Affects event::kafka

kinesis default kinesis_analytics = chrono

Affects event::kinesis

kinesis_analytics default = kinesis
lambda_function_urls default = bytes, http, http-body, http-serde

Affects event::lambda_function_urls

lex default

Affects event::lex

rabbitmq default

Affects event::rabbitmq

s3 default s3_batch_job = bytes, chrono, http, http-body, http-serde

Affects event::s3

s3_batch_job default = s3
secretsmanager default

Affects event::secretsmanager

ses default = chrono

Affects event::ses

sns default = chrono, serde_with

Affects event::sns

sqs default = serde_with

Affects event::sqs

streams default dynamodb

Affects event::streams

documentdb default

Affects event::documentdb

eventbridge default = chrono, serde_with

Affects event::eventbridge

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

bytes alb apigw iot lambda_function_urls s3
chrono autoscaling chime_bot cloudwatch_alarms cloudwatch_events code_commit codebuild codedeploy codepipeline_cloudwatch dynamodb eventbridge firehose kafka kinesis s3 ses sns

Affects aws_lambda_events::time_window

flate2 cloudwatch_logs
http alb apigw iot lambda_function_urls s3
http-body alb apigw iot lambda_function_urls s3
http-serde alb apigw iot lambda_function_urls s3
query_map alb apigw
serde_with eventbridge sns sqs
serde_dynamo dynamodb