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XML parsing logic for Smithy protocols

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Smithy Rust status

Smithy code generators for Rust

The nightly SDK build can be found under Actions -> CI (take latest run) -> Artifacts

Design documentation (WIP)

All internal and external interfaces are considered unstable and subject to change without notice.


  1. ./gradlew will setup gradle for you. JDK 11 is required.
  2. Running tests requires a working Rust installation. See Rust docs for installation instructions on your platform. Minimum supported Rust version is the latest released Rust version, although older versions may work.

Generate an AWS SDK

The generated SDK will be placed in aws/sdk/build/aws-sdk.

./gradlew :aws:sdk:assemble # Generate an SDK. Do not attempt to compile / run tests
./gradlew :aws:sdk:test # Run all the tests
./gradlew :aws:sdk:cargoCheck # only validate that it compiles

Run tests


This will run all the unit tests, codegen example models & Dynamo DB, validate that the generated code compiles, and run any tests targeting the generated code.


For development, pre-commit hooks may be useful. Setup:

brew install pre-commit # (or appropriate for your platform: https://pre-commit.com/)
pre-commit install

Project Layout

  • aws: AWS specific codegen & Rust code (signing, endpoints, customizations, etc.) Common commands:
    • ./gradlew :aws:sdk:assemble: Generate (but do not test / compile etc.) a fresh SDK into sdk/build/aws-sdk
    • ./gradlew :aws:sdk:test: Generate & run all tests for a fresh SDK
    • ./gradlew :aws:sdk:{cargoCheck, cargoTest, cargoDocs, cargoClippy}: Generate & run specified cargo command.
  • codegen: Whitelabel Smithy client code generation
  • codegen-test: Smithy protocol test generation & integration tests for Smithy client whitelabel code
  • design: Design documentation. See the design/README.md for details about building / viewing.
  • codegen-server: Whitelabel Smithy server code generation
  • codegen-server-test: Smithy protocol test generation & integration tests for Smithy server whitelabel code


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