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Staging ground for experimental new features in the smithy-rs ecosystem.

Hyper 1.0 Support

This crate allows customers to use Hyper 1.0. A valuable consequence of this is access to aws-lc-rs and its FIPS compliant crypto. This is available behind the crypto-aws-lc-fips feature. Note: FIPS support has somewhat complex build requirements, namely CMake and Go.

Crate Stabilization

This crate adds support for Hyper 1.0 (see examples). There a few blockers before stablization:

  1. Expose an API for providing a custom connector. Currently, that API is not exposed because a shim layer is needed to avoid taking a hard dependency on hyper-util.
  2. Add support for poisoning connections in the connection pool. This API needs to be either backported into hyper-util or we need to establish our own client.

This crate is part of the AWS SDK for Rust and the smithy-rs code generator.


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