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AWS-LC is a general-purpose cryptographic library maintained by the AWS Cryptography team for AWS and their customers. It іs based on code from the Google BoringSSL project and the OpenSSL project.

23 releases (13 breaking)

0.14.1 Apr 3, 2024
0.13.3 Mar 5, 2024
0.12.1 Nov 20, 2023
0.9.0 Jul 10, 2023
0.2.0 Nov 16, 2022

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Autogenerated Low-level AWS-LC bindings for the Rust programming language. We do not recommend directly relying on these bindings.


Release Support

This crate pulls in the source code of AWS-LC to build with it. Bindings for platforms we officially support are pre-generated. To generate bindings for any platforms where pre-generated bindings aren't available, you can use the generate_bindings feature to do so.

Pregenerated Bindings Availability

x86 Linux
x86-64 Linux
arm-64 Linux
x86-64 MacOS

Build Prerequisites

Since this crate builds AWS-LC as a native library, most build tools needed to build AWS-LC are applicable to aws-lc-sys as well. Go and Perl aren't absolutely necessary for aws-lc-sys, as AWS-LC provides generated build files.

Building AWS-LC

AWS-LC is tested on a variety of C/C++ compiler, OS, and CPU combinations. For a complete list of tested combinations see tests/ci/Readme.md. If you use a different build combination and would like us to support it, please open an issue to us at AWS-LC.

Building with a FIPS-validated module

This crate does not offer the AWS-LC FIPS build. To use AWS-LC FIPS, please use the FIPS version of this crate, available at aws-lc-fips-sys.

Security Notification Process

If you discover a potential security issue in AWS-LC or aws-lc-sys, we ask that you notify AWS Security via our vulnerability reporting page. Please do not create a public GitHub issue.

If you package or distribute aws-lc-sys, or use aws-lc-sys as part of a large multi-user service, you may be eligible for pre-notification of future aws-lc-sys releases. Please contact aws-lc-pre-notifications@amazon.com.


See contributing file at AWS-LC


See license at AWS-LC