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AWS-LC is a general-purpose cryptographic library maintained by the AWS Cryptography team for AWS and their customers. This is the FIPS validated version of AWS-LC.

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0.10.1 Sep 8, 2023
0.9.1 Jul 10, 2023
0.5.0 Feb 10, 2023
0.1.1 Dec 14, 2022
0.0.1 Nov 10, 2022

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Autogenerated low-level AWS-LC FIPS bindings for the Rust programming language. We do not recommend directly relying on these bindings.



This crate uses AWS-LC, which been submitted to an accredited lab for FIPS validation testing, and upon completion will be submitted to NIST for certification. Once NIST grants a validation certificate to AWS-LC, we will make an announcement to Rust developers on how to leverage the FIPS mode using aws-lc-rs.

Release Support

This crate pulls in the source code of the latest AWS-LC FIPS branch to build with it. Bindings for platforms we officially support are pre-generated. The platforms which aws-lc-fips-sys builds on is limited to the platforms where the AWS-LC FIPS static build is supported.

Pregenerated Bindings Availability

x86-64 Linux
arm-64 Linux

Tested AWS-LC FIPS Build Environments

aws-lc-fips-sys currently relies on the AWS-LC FIPS static build, please see our CI documentation at AWS-LC.

Build Prerequisites

Since this crate builds AWS-LC as a native library, all build tools needed to build AWS-LC are applicable to aws-lc-fips-sys as well. This includes Go and Perl, which are hard dependencies for the AWS-LC FIPS build.

Building AWS-LC

If you use a different build combination for FIPS and would like us to support it, please open an issue to us at AWS-LC.

Security Notification Process

If you discover a potential security issue in AWS-LC or aws-lc-fips-sys, we ask that you notify AWS Security via our vulnerability reporting page. Please do not create a public GitHub issue.

If you package or distribute aws-lc-fips-sys, or use aws-lc-fips-sys as part of a large multi-user service, you may be eligible for pre-notification of future aws-lc-fips-sys releases. Please contact aws-lc-pre-notifications@amazon.com.


See contributing file at AWS-LC


See license at AWS-LC