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A YAML-serialized recipe store and meal planner

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A Rust CLI tool for storing/viewing recipes and weekly meal planning


Averse is a meal planner with designed to make storing, searching, viewing, and planning meals for the week straight foward.


The tool is split into 4 separate subcommands

  • add - Interactively define and save a recipe
  • view - Search through recipes/tags via FuzzySearch
  • plan - Plan a meal for the week and generate a grocery list
  • behold - Display weekly plan or view detailed breakdown by day

Installing Averse

Averse is compiled to an executable binary using cargo. To build, clone the repository then type cargo build --release

Using Averse

Averse is designed to be run from the directory containing two subdirectories, one that contain recipes and one that contains plans. See the repository directories for examples.

An example workflow for using Averse:

  1. Recipes are interactively added via averse add
  2. Recipes are browsed via averse view
  3. Existing recipes are planned for the week using averse plan
  4. Meals for a week can be viewed using averse behold

Example Commands

averse add --recipe-dir /path/to/recipes --plan-dir /path/to/plans
averse view
averse plan --date 2022-07-31
averse behold


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