Cargo Features

avalanche-types has no features set by default.

avalanche-types = { version = "0.1.5", features = ["avalanchego", "codec_base64", "codec_big_int", "coreth", "evm", "jsonrpc_client", "kms_aws", "libsecp256k1", "mnemonic", "subnet_evm", "wallet", "wallet_evm", "xsvm", "proto", "message", "subnet", "subnet_metrics"] }
avalanchego = coreth

Affects avalanche-types::avalanchego

codec_base64 = base64

Affects serde::base64_bytes

codec_big_int = num-bigint

Affects serde::hex_0x_big_int

coreth avalanchego?

Affects avalanche-types::coreth

evm = ethers, ethers-providers, ethers-signers, rlp, tokio

Affects avalanche-types::evm

jsonrpc_client wallet_evm? = ethers-providers, reqwest, tokio

Affects jsonrpc::client

kms_aws = aws-manager, aws-sdk-kms, ethers-signers, tokio

Affects kms::aws

libsecp256k1 = secp256k1

Affects secp256k1::libsecp256k1

mnemonic = bip32, rand_core

Affects secp256k1::mnemonic


Affects avalanche-types::subnet_evm

wallet = reqwest, tokio

Affects avalanche-types::wallet

wallet_evm = ethers, ethers-providers, ethers-signers, jsonrpc_client, reqwest, tokio

Affects wallet::evm


Affects avalanche-types::xsvm

proto message? subnet? = prost, tonic

Affects avalanche-types::proto

message = flate2, proto

Affects avalanche-types::message

subnet subnet_metrics? = futures, http, num-derive, num-traits, prost, proto, semver, tokio, tokio-stream, tonic, tonic-health, tonic-reflection, tower-service

Affects avalanche-types::subnet

subnet_metrics = prometheus, subnet

Affects rpc::metrics, server::Server.process_metrics

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features. These features may have been created by mistake, and this functionality may be removed in the future.

secp256k1 libsecp256k1?

Enables secp256k1 ^0.28.1

[OPTIONAL] for "libsecp256k1"

aws-manager kms_aws?

Enables aws-manager

[OPTIONAL] for "kms_aws"

aws-sdk-kms kms_aws?

Enables aws-sdk-kms ^0.30.0

flate2 message?

Enables flate2

[OPTIONAL] for "message"

bip32 mnemonic?

Enables bip32

[OPTIONAL] for "mnemonic"

rand_core mnemonic?
reqwest jsonrpc_client? wallet? wallet_evm?

Enables reqwest ^0.11.20

[OPTIONAL] for "evm", "jsonrpc_client"

tokio evm? jsonrpc_client? kms_aws? subnet? wallet? wallet_evm?

Enables tokio

rlp evm?

Enables rlp

[OPTIONAL] for "evm"

ethers evm? wallet_evm?

Enables ethers =2.0.11

[OPTIONAL] for "wallet_evm"

ethers-providers evm? jsonrpc_client? wallet_evm?

Enables ethers-providers =2.0.13

ethers-signers evm? kms_aws? wallet_evm?

Enables ethers-signers =2.0.13

futures subnet?

Enables futures

[OPTIONAL] for "subnet"

http subnet?

Enables http ^0.2.9

num-derive subnet?
num-traits subnet?
prost proto? subnet?

Enables prost

prost-build requires "cmake",

semver subnet?
tokio-stream subnet?
tonic proto? subnet?

Enables tonic

tonic-health subnet?

Enables tonic-health

tonic-reflection subnet?
tower-service subnet?
prometheus subnet_metrics?

Enables prometheus

[OPTIONAL] for "subnet_metrics"

base64 codec_base64?

Enables base64 ^0.21.2

[OPTIONAL] for "codec"

num-bigint codec_big_int?