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Avalanche is a performant library for building declarative, performant UIs. It analyzes functional component definitions at compile time to generate efficient and precise app updates. It is bundled with avalanche-web, which provides facilities and components for building WebAssembly web apps. This library is in early stages of development, and should not yet be used in production.

This crate does not respect semver for 0.1.x.

How it works

Functions marked with #[component] define UI declaratively by returning other components. Component parameters and state are augmented by tracking, a system where avalanche tracks whether variables have been updated, only updating the UI for changed data. This allows for higher performance while keeping code ergonomic.

Getting started

To learn the library, we highly recommend you check out the avalanche book, which gives a primer on creating and building a web app using avalanche and avalanche web. The todomvc example is a great example app for getting a feel for basic avalanche idioms.


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