Cargo Features

attohttpc = { version = "0.27.0", default-features = false, features = ["basic-auth", "charsets", "compress", "compress-zlib", "compress-zlib-ng", "form", "json", "multipart-form", "tls-native", "tls-rustls-webpki-roots", "tls-rustls-native-roots", "tls-native-vendored", "tls", "tls-rustls", "tls-vendored"] }
basic-auth = base64
charsets = encoding_rs, encoding_rs_io

Affects attohttpc::charsets, parsing::text_reader, settings::BaseSettings.default_charset

compress default

The following three compress features are mutually exclusive.

Enables flate2

default = compress, tls-native

These default features are set whenever attohttpc is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.


Enables zlib of flate2


Enables zlib-ng of flate2

form = serde, serde_urlencoded
json = serde, serde_json
multipart-form = mime, multipart
tls-native default tls? = native-tls

The following TLS features are mutually exclusive

tls-rustls-webpki-roots rustls? tls-rustls? = rustls-opt-dep, webpki-roots
tls-rustls-native-roots = rustls-native-certs, rustls-opt-dep
tls-native-vendored tls-vendored?

This feature depends on tls-native

Enables vendored of native-tls

tls = tls-native

These features are provided for backwards compatibility

rustls tls-rustls = tls-rustls-webpki-roots
tls-vendored = tls-native-vendored

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

base64 basic-auth?
encoding_rs charsets?
encoding_rs_io charsets?
flate2 compress compress-zlib? compress-zlib-ng?

Affects settings::BaseSettings.allow_compression

mime multipart-form?
multipart multipart-form?
native-tls tls-native tls-native-vendored?
rustls-native-certs tls-rustls-native-roots?
rustls-opt-dep tls-rustls-native-roots? tls-rustls-webpki-roots?

Enables rustls

serde form? json?
serde_json json?
serde_urlencoded form?
webpki-roots tls-rustls-webpki-roots?