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Rust native core model for the AWS Smithy IDL

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new 0.1.4 Jul 2, 2020
0.1.3 Jul 1, 2020
0.1.2 Jun 30, 2020
0.1.1 Jun 24, 2020
0.1.0 Jun 22, 2020

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Atelier: crate atelier_core

This crate provides a Rust native core model for the AWS Smithy Interface Definition Language.

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This crate is the foundation for the Atelier set of crates, and provides the following components:

  1. The model structures themselves that represents a Smithy model This is the in-memory representation shared by all Atelier crates and tools.
  2. The model builder structures that allow for a fluent and easy construction of a core model.
  3. The prelude model containing the set of shapes defined in the Smithy specification.
  4. Traits for reading/writing models in different representations.
  5. Trait and simple implementation for a model registry.
  6. A common error module to be used by all Atelier crates.


The following example demonstrates the builder interface to create a model for a simple service. The service, MessageOfTheDay has a single resource Message. The resource has an identifier for the date, but the read operation does not make the date member required and so will return the message for the current date.

use atelier_core::error::ErrorSource;
use atelier_core::model::builder::values::{ArrayBuilder, ObjectBuilder};
use atelier_core::model::builder::{
    Builder, ListBuilder, MemberBuilder, ModelBuilder, OperationBuilder, ResourceBuilder,
    ServiceBuilder, SimpleShapeBuilder, StructureBuilder, TraitBuilder,
use atelier_core::model::{Identifier, Model, ShapeID};

let model = ModelBuilder::new("example.motd")
            .documentation("Provides a Message of the day.")
            .identifier("date", "Date")


Runnable Examples

Currently, there is simply one complete example, weather.rs in the examples directory. As usual this is executed via cargo in the following manner. It will print, using Debug, the weather example model from the Smithy quick start.

$ cargo run --example weather


Version 0.1.4

  • Completed the NoOrphanedReferences validator.
  • Added CorrectTypeReferences validator.
  • Added NamingConventions linter.
  • Added functions run_linter_actions and run_validation_actions, and removed ValidateAll type.
  • Using Regex for identity parsing.
  • Moved REPRESENTATION to representation() on ModelReader and ModelWriter traits.

Version 0.1.3

  • Made debug and uml Writer implementations features.
  • Added module syntax for all string constants.
  • Added all defined ShapeIDs to the module prelude.
  • Implemented the foundation for actions, also started on validation.
  • Implemented Model::resolve_id according to the Smithy spec.

Version 0.1.2

  • Updated the model and builder APIs to support JSON and Smithy readers:
    • added the HasMembers trait for a more un-typed API,
  • Finished the API documentation.

Version 0.1.1

  • Updated the model and builder APIs to be more consistent:
    • documented method patterns, and ensured they were applied,
    • moved from per-type build methods to use Into<T>,
  • Added the majority of API documentation.

Version 0.1.0

  • First release.
  • Initial types for manipulation of Smithy Models, not including selector expressions.
  • Initial builder types for fluent construction of models.
  • Able to construct the example weather service using the builder API.


  1. Complete the prelude model.
  2. Complete the selector expression types
  3. Complete the builder types
  4. Validation!
  5. Complete macro-ize APIs for less code
  6. More documentation
  7. More tests


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