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Async UI

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A web UI framework where Futures are components.

Overview (for the User)

Async UI is...

  • Easy; if you know what Futures are and how to join them, you know 90% of Async UI already.
  • Just async Rust; no DSL or opaque runtime - leverage existing Async Rust patterns and ecosystem.
  • Flexible; you get direct access to the entire Web API (through web_sys).

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Overview (for the UI Framework Connoisseur)

  • Async as UI Runtime; the app is one long-running Future.
  • Components are Futures; composition is done by nesting and joining Futures.
  • UI as Side-Effect; running a Future displays its UI, dropping it removes that UI.

Read more about the framework

Example Code: Hello World

async fn hello_world() {
    "Hello World".render().await;

Example Code: Async Control Flow

async fn app() {
    let resource = loading_indicator(

Example Code: Counter

async fn counter() {
    let mut count = 0;
    let value_text = Text::new();
    let incr_button = Button::new();
        async {
            loop {
                count += 1;


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