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Async Wrapper for datachannel

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Async wrapper for the datachannel crate. For a complete example check the examples directory.

Note that this crate currently is made to work only with the tokio runtime. If you're interested in supporting other runtimes, let me know.


use async_datachannel::{Message, PeerConnection, PeerId, RtcConfig};
use futures::io::{AsyncReadExt, AsyncWriteExt, channel::mpsc};

let ice_servers = vec!["stun:stun.l.google.com:19302"];
let conf = RtcConfig::new(&ice_servers);
let (tx_sig_outbound, mut rx_sig_outbound) = mpsc::channel(32);
let (tx_sig_inbound, rx_sig_inbound) = mpsc::channel(32);
let listener = PeerConnection::new(&conf, (tx_sig_outbound, rx_sig_inbound))?;

// TODO: Wire up `tx_sig_inbound` and `rx_sig_outbound` to a signalling
// mechanism.

let mut dc = listener.dial("Hangout").await?;

let mut buf = vec![0; 32];
let n = dc.read(&mut buf).await?;
assert_eq!(b"World", &buf[..n]);


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