Cargo Features

async-compression-issue-150-workaround has no features set by default.

async-compression-issue-150-workaround = { version = "0.3.15-issue-150", features = ["all", "all-implementations", "all-algorithms", "deflate", "gzip", "xz", "zlib", "zstd", "stream", "futures-write"] }


all = all-algorithms, all-implementations
all-implementations all? = futures-io, stream, tokio, tokio-02, tokio-03
all-algorithms all? = brotli, bzip2, deflate, gzip, lzma, xz, zlib, zstd
deflate all-algorithms? = flate2


gzip all-algorithms? = flate2
lzma xz all-algorithms? = xz2
zlib all-algorithms? = flate2
zstd all-algorithms? = libzstd, zstd-safe
stream all-implementations? = bytes-05


Affects async-compression-issue-150-workaround::stream

futures-bufread futures-write = futures-io

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features. These features may have been created by mistake, and this functionality may be removed in the future.

xz2 lzma? xz?
brotli all-algorithms?

Enables brotli ^3.3.0

bytes-05 stream?

Enables bytes ^0.5.0

bzip2 all-algorithms?
flate2 deflate? gzip? zlib?
futures-io all-implementations? futures-bufread? futures-write?

Affects async-compression-issue-150-workaround::futures

libzstd zstd?

Enables zstd ^0.11.1

zstd-safe zstd?

Enables zstd-safe ^5.0.1

tokio-02 all-implementations?

Enables tokio ^0.2.21

Affects async-compression-issue-150-workaround::tokio_02

tokio-03 all-implementations?

Enables tokio ^0.3.0

Affects async-compression-issue-150-workaround::tokio_03

tokio all-implementations?

Affects async-compression-issue-150-workaround::tokio