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Asset Hub Polkadot parachain runtime

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Asset Hub Polkadot Runtime

Asset Hub Polkadot is a parachain that provides an interface to create, manage, and use assets. Assets may be fungible or non-fungible.


This chain was originally known as "Statemint". You may see references to Statemint, Statemine, and Westmint throughout the codebase. These are synonymous with "Asset Hub Polkadot, Kusama, and Westend", respectively.


  • Fungibles: Configuration of pallet-assets.
  • Non-Fungibles (NFTs): Configuration of pallet-uniques.

Other Functionality

Native Balances

Asset Hub Polkadot uses its parent DOT token as its native asset.


As a system parachain, Asset Hub defers its governance (namely, its Root origin), to its Relay Chain parent, Polkadot.

Collator Selection

Asset Hub uses pallet-collator-selection, a simple first-come-first-served registration system where collators can reserve a small bond to join the block producer set. There is no slashing.


Because Asset Hub is fully under the control of the Relay Chain, it is meant to be a TrustedTeleporter. It can also serve as a reserve location to other parachains for DOT as well as other local assets.


~1.5M SLoC