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Statically linked MoltenVK for Vulkan on Mac using Ash

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🌋 ash-molten

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ash-molten is built on top of ash and exposes a new entry point to statically link with MoltenVK.

Requires Xcode 12 and Mac OS 10.15 (Catalina) to compile.


  • You want to compile down to a single binary that doesn't need any enviroment variables to bet set.

  • You just want to try out MoltenVK without needing to setup the SDK.

Why not?

  • ash already supports MoltenVK via runtime linking. Runtime linking is the prefered way of using Vulkan because the loader can be updated at anytime without needing to recompile.

  • ash-molten doesn't have access to the validation layers and thefore can not output any debug information.


let entry = ash_molten::MoltenEntry::load().expect("Unable to load Molten");
let app_name = CString::new("Hello Static Molten").unwrap();

let appinfo = vk::ApplicationInfo::builder()
    .api_version(vk_make_version!(1, 0, 0));

let create_info = vk::InstanceCreateInfo::builder().application_info(&appinfo);
let instance = entry.create_instance(&create_info, None).expect("Instance");
let devices = instance.enumerate_physical_devices();
println!("{:?}", devices);

You can run the example with cargo run.

How does it work?

ash-molten links statically with MoltenVK, it then uses vkGetInstanceProcAddr to resolve all the function pointers at runtime.


cargo build will clone a specific release of MoltenVK compile and statically link it with your application.

If you want to compile MoltenVK yourself, you can use the external feature. cargo build --features external requires libMoltenVK to be visible (LD_LIBRARY_PATH).

How to update

To update the version of MoltenVK uses, change the following:

  • In build.rs, change let tag = "v1.0.37" to the new MoltenVK release tag name
  • Update the crate version in Cargo.toml
    • Bump the patch version
    • Set the version metadata to the MoltenVK release.
    • E.g. 0.2.0+37 -> 0.2.1+38.


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