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app asciit

A compact and visually appealing ASCII table for your terminal, featuring colored numbers and letters

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1.0.0 Mar 29, 2024

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A more compact and intuitive ASCII table in your terminal: an alternative to man 7 ascii and ascii. Colored numbers and letters are much more easier to find. The table style is inspired by hexyl


git clone https://github.com/Q1CHENL/asciit
cd asciit
cargo build --release


  • Fedora Linux:
dnf copr enable qichen/asciit # enable the repo 
dnf install asciit # install
  • Arch Linux:
yay -S asciit
  • Other platforms:
git clone https://github.com/Q1CHENL/asciit
cd asciit
cargo install --path .


asciit or asciit v UI man 7 ascii UI asciit h UI ascii UI


  • size of vertical table: 49x30
  • size of horizontal table: 97x20

You may need to adjust your terminal window size to view the entire vertical table or to ensure correct display of the horizontal one.


~53K SLoC