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Asciidoctor.js bindings for Rust

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0.1.1 Feb 22, 2023
0.1.0 Feb 22, 2023

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Rust bindings for Asciidoctor.js in WASM

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Asciidoctor is a fast, open source, Ruby-based text processor for parsing AsciiDoc® into a document model and converting it to output formats such as HTML 5, DocBook 5, manual pages, PDF, EPUB 3, and other formats.

This crate provides WASM bindings for running Asciidoctor convert from a Rust, WASM application (like a web page).

It also provides (optional) direct integration with Yew by providing an Asciidoc Yew component.

Updating the JS dependency

Go to js/hell and update the package.json and/or package-lock.json file. Re-run the build using npm run build. If everything works, commit the output and run a build/release.


A Rust wrapper for Asciidoctor.js for the WASM target


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