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Art-Net (DMX over UDP/IP) adapter for Project Lighthouse

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Art-Net (DMX over UDP/IP) adapter for Project Lighthouse.

Using this adapter, the Project Lighthouse display can be controlled like a standard DMX fixture from lighting controllers such as QLC+.

Getting Started

Make sure that LIGHTHOUSE_USER and LIGHTHOUSE_TOKEN contain valid Project Lighthouse credentials, then run

cargo run

Alternatively you can also pass the corresponding command-line options, see --help for a detailed overview. By default, the adapter will listen on, i.e. the default Art-Net port, for UDP packets.

The following guide explains how to configure QLC+, though any other Art-Net client can be used too. First, make sure that you have at least three universes that output to Art-Net on localhost. This can be configured in the Input/Output tab:


Then switch to the Fixtures tab and add an RGB panel fixture:


The fixture needs to have 28 columns, 14 rows and "Zig Zag" displacement:

Add RGB Panel

After confirming, RGB panels and a corresponding fixture group should have been added:


Finally, switch to the Functions tab and create an RGB matrix by clicking the corresponding button in the toolbar:


Select the previously created fixture group in the drop down menu on the right and click the play button to preview the animation:


If everything went well, the output should be mirrored to the lighthouse:



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