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no-std ark-bulletproofs

A pure-Rust implementation of Bulletproofs using secq256k1 and zorro

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4.1.1 May 12, 2023
4.0.0 Dec 28, 2022

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Bulletproofs over the secq256k1 curve

This repo builds over Bulletproofs but replaces the Ristretto group with another group over the secq256k1 curve.

An important property of the secq256k1 curve is that it can embed secp256k1. A severe limitation, as a result, is that its scalar field does not have a lot of 2-arity, and therefore preventing a large class of protocols based on FFT to run on the native field.

There are only a few solutions we know today to circumvent this limitation: Bulletproofs, Gemini, and Orion. For this library, we use Bulletproofs.

Original About

This is a research project sponsored by Interstellar, developed by Henry de Valence, Cathie Yun, and Oleg Andreev.


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