Cargo Features

argmin-math = { version = "0.3.0", default-features = false, features = ["latest_all", "primitives", "vec", "nalgebra_all", "nalgebra_latest", "nalgebra_latest-serde", "nalgebra_v0_32", "nalgebra_v0_32-serde", "nalgebra_v0_31", "nalgebra_v0_31-serde", "nalgebra_v0_30", "nalgebra_v0_30-serde", "nalgebra_v0_29", "nalgebra_v0_29-serde", "ndarray_all", "ndarray_latest", "ndarray_latest-serde", "ndarray_v0_15", "ndarray_v0_15-serde", "ndarray_v0_14", "ndarray_v0_14-serde", "ndarray_v0_13", "ndarray_v0_13-serde", "ndarray_latest-nolinalg", "ndarray_latest-nolinalg-serde", "ndarray_v0_15-nolinalg", "ndarray_v0_15-nolinalg-serde", "ndarray_v0_14-nolinalg", "ndarray_v0_14-nolinalg-serde", "ndarray_v0_13-nolinalg", "ndarray_v0_13-nolinalg-serde"] }
default = primitives, vec

These default features are set whenever argmin-math is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.

latest_all = nalgebra_latest-serde, ndarray_latest-serde, primitives, vec
primitives default latest_all? nalgebra_all? ndarray_all? vec = num-complex_0_4
vec default latest_all? = num-complex_0_4, primitives
nalgebra_all nalgebra_v0_29? nalgebra_v0_30? nalgebra_v0_31? nalgebra_v0_32? = primitives


nalgebra_latest = nalgebra_v0_32
nalgebra_latest-serde latest_all? = nalgebra_v0_32-serde
nalgebra_v0_32 nalgebra_latest? nalgebra_v0_32-serde? = nalgebra_0_32, nalgebra_all, num-complex_0_4
nalgebra_v0_32-serde nalgebra_latest-serde? = nalgebra_v0_32

Enables serde-serialize of nalgebra

nalgebra_v0_31 nalgebra_v0_31-serde? = nalgebra_0_31, nalgebra_all, num-complex_0_4
nalgebra_v0_31-serde = nalgebra_v0_31

Enables serde-serialize of nalgebra ^0.31

nalgebra_v0_30 nalgebra_v0_30-serde? = nalgebra_0_30, nalgebra_all, num-complex_0_4
nalgebra_v0_30-serde = nalgebra_v0_30

Enables serde-serialize of nalgebra ^0.30

nalgebra_v0_29 nalgebra_v0_29-serde? = nalgebra_0_29, nalgebra_all, num-complex_0_4
nalgebra_v0_29-serde = nalgebra_v0_29

Enables serde-serialize of nalgebra ^0.29

ndarray_all ndarray_v0_13? ndarray_v0_13-nolinalg? ndarray_v0_14? ndarray_v0_14-nolinalg? ndarray_v0_15? ndarray_v0_15-nolinalg? = primitives


ndarray_latest = ndarray_v0_15
ndarray_latest-serde latest_all? = ndarray_v0_15-serde

With ndarray-linalg

ndarray_v0_15 ndarray_latest? ndarray_v0_15-serde? = ndarray-linalg_0_16, ndarray_0_15, ndarray_all, num-complex_0_4
ndarray_v0_15-serde ndarray_latest-serde? = ndarray_v0_15

Enables serde-1 of ndarray


ndarray_v0_14 ndarray_v0_14-serde? = ndarray-linalg_0_13, ndarray_0_14, ndarray_all, num-complex_0_3
ndarray_v0_14-serde = ndarray_v0_14

Enables serde-1 of ndarray ^0.14


ndarray_v0_13 ndarray_v0_13-serde? = ndarray-linalg_0_12, ndarray_0_13, ndarray_all, num-complex_0_2
ndarray_v0_13-serde = ndarray_v0_13

Enables serde-1 of ndarray ^0.13


ndarray_latest-nolinalg = ndarray_v0_15-nolinalg

Without ndarray-linalg

ndarray_latest-nolinalg-serde = ndarray_v0_15-nolinalg-serde
ndarray_v0_15-nolinalg ndarray_latest-nolinalg? ndarray_v0_15-nolinalg-serde? = ndarray_0_15, ndarray_all, num-complex_0_4
ndarray_v0_15-nolinalg-serde ndarray_latest-nolinalg-serde? = ndarray_v0_15-nolinalg

Enables serde-1 of ndarray

ndarray_v0_14-nolinalg ndarray_v0_14-nolinalg-serde? = ndarray_0_14, ndarray_all, num-complex_0_3
ndarray_v0_14-nolinalg-serde = ndarray_v0_14-nolinalg

Enables serde-1 of ndarray ^0.14

ndarray_v0_13-nolinalg ndarray_v0_13-nolinalg-serde? = ndarray_0_13, ndarray_all, num-complex_0_2
ndarray_v0_13-nolinalg-serde = ndarray_v0_13-nolinalg

Enables serde-1 of ndarray ^0.13

_dev_linalg_latest = _dev_linalg_0_16

For development and running the tests a backend for ndarray-linalg must be chosen. Normally one would add those as dev dependencies (the features would then be unified with the regular dependencies). However, linking somehow fails when the non-dev ndarra-linalg dependency is missing (which is the case for the *-nolinalg* features of the ndarray backend). To fix that, the _dev_linalg_* features were introduced. When testing and developing with one of the ndarray features with linalg support on, the appropriate _dev_linalg_* feature must be turned on as well. Note that the version number in _dev_linalg_* is always one below the ndarray version. For instance, for ndarray 0.15, one would use the _dev_linalg_0_14 feature.


Enables netlib of ndarray-linalg ^0.12


Enables netlib-static of ndarray-linalg ^0.13

_dev_linalg_0_16 _dev_linalg_latest?

Enables netlib-static of ndarray-linalg

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

nalgebra_0_32 nalgebra_v0_32?

Enables default features of nalgebra

nalgebra_0_31 nalgebra_v0_31?

Enables default features of nalgebra ^0.31

nalgebra_0_30 nalgebra_v0_30?

Enables default features of nalgebra ^0.30

nalgebra_0_29 nalgebra_v0_29?

Enables default features of nalgebra ^0.29

ndarray_0_15 ndarray_v0_15? ndarray_v0_15-nolinalg?

Enables default (std) of ndarray

ndarray-linalg_0_16 ndarray_v0_15?

Enables ndarray-linalg

ndarray_0_14 ndarray_v0_14? ndarray_v0_14-nolinalg?

Enables ndarray ^0.14

ndarray-linalg_0_13 ndarray_v0_14?

Enables ndarray-linalg ^0.13

ndarray_0_13 ndarray_v0_13? ndarray_v0_13-nolinalg?

Enables ndarray ^0.13

ndarray-linalg_0_12 ndarray_v0_13?

Enables ndarray-linalg ^0.12

num-complex_0_4 nalgebra_v0_29? nalgebra_v0_30? nalgebra_v0_31? nalgebra_v0_32? ndarray_v0_15? ndarray_v0_15-nolinalg? primitives vec

Enables std of num-complex


num-complex_0_3 ndarray_v0_14? ndarray_v0_14-nolinalg?

Enables std of num-complex ^0.3

num-complex_0_2 ndarray_v0_13? ndarray_v0_13-nolinalg?

Enables std of num-complex ^0.2