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Command line messages in the style that is used in Arch Linux scripts

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arch_msgs provides macros to print messages in the style that is used by Arch Linux scripts. Command line tools written in Rust can print command line messages for errors, warnings, etc. with this crate in the same style as Arch Linux scripts do.

In an Arch Linux installation, corresponding functions are contained in the script /usr/share/makepkg/util/message.sh and used by other scripts such as makepkg or mkarchroot.

Mapping of Arch Linux functions to the macros of this crate

Message type Arch Linux function Corresponding macro of this crate
Error error ... error!(...)
Information msg2 ... info!(...)
Message msg ... msg!(...)
Plain message plain ... plain!(...)
Question ask ... question!(...)
Warning warning ... warning!(...)

All macros of this crate have the same signature as println and print a new line at the end.