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Approximately equal traits and assertion

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Implementing the ApproEq traits, Can asserts that the two expressions are approximately equal to each other.

How-to Use

See the crate documentation for more details.


assert_appro_eq!(1f64, 1.5f64, 0.6f64); // does not panic
assert_appro_eq!(0f64, 1e-12f64); // does not panic
assert_appro_eq!(1f64, 2f64); // panics

Optional Features

  • complex - Implement ApproEq traits for num_complex::Complex. This adds a dependency on the num-complex crate.

  • rational - Implement ApproEq traits for num_rational::Ratio. This adds a dependency on the num-rational crate.

  • ndarray - Implement ApproEq traits for ndarray::ArrayBase. This adds a dependency on the ndarray crate.