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A lightweight framework to build async-friendly components with message-based intercommunications

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0.2.4 Mar 7, 2021
0.2.3 Mar 6, 2021
0.2.0 Feb 28, 2021
0.1.7 Feb 11, 2021
0.1.4 Jan 31, 2021

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Appliance is a lightweight Rust framework for building highly customizable asynchronous components adapted for message-based intercommunications. This project is an attempt to make actix-like approach more flexible by exempting a user from using predefined execution runtimes. With the library you can design any composition logic for async agents avoiding data races and unnecessary locks.


  • Explicit control over agent lifecycle (no global runtime).
  • Equipping agents with customized async executors.
  • Minimal overhead when calling handlers.


The recommended way to use this library is to add it as a dependency in your Cargo.toml file:

appliance = "0.2.0"


A lightweight actor model inspired framework to build customizable components with message-based intercommunications.


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