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A collection of Apple command-line tool wrappers, library and CLI

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Collection of crates wrapping various Apple CLIs for documentation and type-safety purposes.

This is heavily a work in progress, and will be added to as I need more functionality for building a 100% Rust app for iOS.

CLI Install

The crates.io release is likely behind the development branch, but has a greater chance of working.

# install from crates.io if it works
cargo install apple-clis

Install from source:

# install from git if crates.io doesn't work / missing features
cargo install --git https://github.com/ActuallyHappening/Apple-CLIs.git apple-clis

Setup with NuShell

If you want completions for your shell, make an issue / PR and I'll add it. Since I use NuShell (which is really awesome and built in Rust), I've added a command to automatically add completions for NuShell.

# if you are using nushell,
apple-clis init nushell --auto

# if you want more control,
apple-clis init nushell --raw-script

Run Rust Examples

# clone repo
git clone https://github.com/ActuallyHappening/Apple-CLIs.git
cd Apple-CLIs

cargo run --example ios-deploy-detect
cargo run --example security-find-certificates
cargo run --example simctl

Examples using NuShell

Ios-Deploy detect

apple-clis ios-deploy detect --json | from json

cargo run --example ios-deploy-detect

apple-clis ios-deploy detect --machine | from json

xcrun simctl list

apple-clis xcrun simctl list --json | from json | get device_type_identifier

Example build script

This uses cargo bundle, which you can install with cargo install cargo-bundle, and nushell, as an example script to build an iOS app.

# example Cargo.toml
# [package.metadata.bundle]
# identifier = "com.example-id"
let BUNDLE_ID = open Cargo.toml | get package.metadata.bundle.identifier | to text

cargo bundle --target aarch64-apple-ios-sim
apple-clis codesign sign --glob
apple-clis xcrun simctl boot --ipad
apple-clis open --well-known simulator
apple-clis xcrun simctl install --booted --glob
apple-clis xcrun simctl launch --booted --bundle-id $BUNDLE_ID


PRs welcome!


# try the crates.io release if it works
cargo install --git https://github.com/burtonageo/cargo-bundle.git
brew install ios-deploy
cargo install nu # nushell is really awesome

# build an example bundle from the included example project + run tests
nu test.nu


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