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appit is considered alpha and unsupported crate version Documentation for main branch

An opinionated wrapper for winit that provides a trait-based, multi-threaded approach to implementing multi-window applications.

This crate's main type is WindowBehavior, a trait that provides functions for nearly every winit::event::WindowEvent. This allows you to implement exactly which events you wish to respond to, and ignore the rest without a large match statement.

This crate also keeps track of the redraw state of the window, and allows scheduling redraws in the future.

use appit::WindowBehavior;

struct MyWindow;

impl WindowBehavior for MyWindow {
    type Context = ();

    fn initialize(_window: &mut appit::RunningWindow, _context: Self::Context) -> Self {

    fn redraw(&mut self, window: &mut appit::RunningWindow) {
        println!("Should redraw");

fn main() {

Project Status

This project is early in development as part of Kludgine and Cushy. It is considered alpha and unsupported at this time, and the primary focus for @ecton is to use this for his own projects. Feature requests and bug fixes will be prioritized based on @ecton's own needs.

If you would like to contribute, bug fixes are always appreciated. Before working on a new feature, please open an issue proposing the feature and problem it aims to solve. Doing so will help prevent friction in merging pull requests, as it ensures changes fit the vision the maintainers have for Cushy.


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