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An API wrapper for the MozambiqueHe.re Apex Legends API

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0.1.5 Aug 24, 2022
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Apex Legends API (in Rust)

This package utilizes the Apex Legends Status (https://apexlegendsstatus.com) API.

Usage Example:

use apex_legends;

async fn main() {
    match apex_legends::get_user_retry("HeyImLifeline".to_string(), "your_api_key", true).await {
        Ok(data) => println!("You are level {}.", data.global.level),
        Err(e) => println!("There was an error!: {}", e)

I have no affiliation with Apex Legends, EA, or Apex Legends Status.

A note about the failing test

This is a known issue in the API. It has a rate limit, so it should return code 429 when the limit is reached. Instead, it returns 200 OK, so the library immediately retries and, unsurprisingly, it fails.


The original author is KasprDev, and this is a fork with some improvements for stability and extra features. Some of them were upstreamed, but not all of them as of yet.


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