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Reveal the imposters in your sus codebase

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AmongRust ඞ ඞ ඞ ඞ ඞ ඞ ඞ

AmongRust is a tool developed by scientists and researchers at MAT. It reveals the imposters you've been hiding in your sus code (get it? source code LOL). Basically, AmongRust draws imposters in your code using code comments.

AmongRust is totally non-destructive, and your code should work as normal (maybe), because it only adds comments to your code. Be careful, the imposters may be very few, or outrageously many. This is a feature, not a bug, and there is no way to remove the imposters. ඞ ඞ ඞ ඞ ඞ ඞ ඞ

I'm just kidding you can reverse the effect by using the "IAMTHEIMPOSTER" argument like amongrust IAMTHEIMPOSTER, which is very sus if you ask me. It is possible to undo the changes made to your code because of my IMPOSTER-DETECTION-ALGORITHM which took me 9 years to develop.

Of course, you can also manually delete the comments if you want, because they're just comments, but i highly recommend using the "IAMTHEIMPOSTER" argument because that's what it was made for.

Note: this crate was made by Hiro at 2AM in his mum's basement. There is no guarantee that it will work as expected. Use AmongRust at your own risk. It took 34 long minutes to start and finish this AMBITIOUS project. Please give this project a star on Github and subscribe to my YouTube channel for fun programming videos, well, except you are an impo****


cargo install amongrust

That's it. you're done. Now run amongrust in your project directory, then check your sus code.

How to undo: amongrust IAMTHEIMPOSTER


Made with ❤️ by Hiro


~25K SLoC