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amdgpu_top is tool that display AMD GPU utilization, like umr or clbr/radeontop or intel_gpu_top.
The tool displays information gathered from performance counters (GRBM, GRBM2), sensors, fdinfo, and AMDGPU driver.

Simple TUI
(like nvidia-smi, rocm-smi)
amdgpu_top Simple TUI amdgpu_top TUI amdgpu_top GUI mode


cargo run -- [options ..]
# or
amdgpu_top [options ..]


   -d, --dump
       Dump AMDGPU info. (Specifications, VRAM, PCI, ResizableBAR, VBIOS, Video caps)
       This option can be combined with the "-J" option.
       Display a list of AMDGPU devices.
   -J, --json
       Output JSON formatted data.
       This option can be combined with the "-d" option.
       Launch GUI mode.
       Launch Simple TUI mode. (like nvidia-smi, rocm-smi)
   -p, --process
       Dump All GPU processes and memory usage per process.
   --apu, --select-apu
       Select APU instance.
   --single, --single-gpu
       Display only the selected APU/GPU
       The application does not read the performance counter (GRBM, GRBM2)
       if this flag is set.
       Reading the performance counter may deactivate the power saving feature of APU/GPU.
   -gm, --gpu_metrics, --gpu-metrics
       Dump gpu_metrics for all AMD GPUs.
   --pp_table, --pp-table
       Dump pp_table from sysfs and VBIOS for all AMD GPUs.
       (only support Navi1x and Navi2x, Navi3x)
   --drm_info, --drm-info
       Dump DRM info.
       Inspired by https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/emersion/drm_info
   --dark, --dark-mode
       Set to the dark mode. (TUI/GUI)
   --light, --light-mode
       Set to the light mode. (TUI/GUI)
   -V, --version
       Print version information.
   -h, --help
       Print help information.

   -i <usize>
       Select GPU instance.
   --pci <String>
       Specifying PCI path. (domain:bus:dev.func)
   -s <u64>, -s <u64>ms
       Refresh period (interval) in milliseconds for JSON mode. (default: 1000ms)
   -n <u32>
       Specifies the maximum number of iteration for JSON mode.
       If 0 is specified, it will be an infinite loop. (default: 0)
   -u <u64>, --update-process-index <u64>
       Update interval in seconds of the process index for fdinfo. (default: 5s)
   --json_fifo, --json-fifo <String>
       Output JSON formatted data to FIFO (named pipe) for other application and scripts.

Commands for TUI

g toggle GRBM
r toggle GRBM2
v toggle VRAM/GTT Usage
f toggle fdinfo
n toggle Sensors
m toggle GPU Metrics
h change update interval (high = 100ms, low = 1000ms)
q Quit
P sort fdinfo by pid
M sort fdinfo by VRAM usage
G sort fdinfo by GFX usage
M sort fdinfo by MediaEngine usage
R reverse sort

Example of using JSON mode

$ amdgpu_top --json | jq -c -r '(.devices[] | (.Info | .DeviceName + " (" + .PCI + "): ") + ([.gpu_activity | to_entries[] | .key + ": " + (.value.value|tostring) + .value.unit] | join(", ")))'
AMD Radeon RX 6600 (0000:03:00.0): GFX: 13%, MediaEngine: 0%, Memory: 4%
AMD Radeon Graphics (0000:08:00.0): GFX: 0%, MediaEngine: 0%, Memory: null%
AMD Radeon RX 6600 (0000:03:00.0): GFX: 15%, MediaEngine: 0%, Memory: 5%
AMD Radeon Graphics (0000:08:00.0): GFX: 0%, MediaEngine: 0%, Memory: null%
AMD Radeon RX 6600 (0000:03:00.0): GFX: 3%, MediaEngine: 0%, Memory: 2%
AMD Radeon Graphics (0000:08:00.0): GFX: 0%, MediaEngine: 0%, Memory: null%



Build from source


  • libdrm
  • libdrm_amdgpu
cargo install amdgpu_top

# or

git clone https://github.com/Umio-Yasuno/amdgpu_top
cd amdgpu_top
cargo install --locked --path .

without GUI

cargo install --locked --path . --no-default-features --features="tui"

Binary Size

Features Size (stripped)
json ~852K
tui ~1.3M
json, tui ~1.4M
json, tui, gui ~14M

Used library






amdgpu_top is using cargo-i18n with Project Fluent for translation.
Please refer to pop-os/popsicle for additional supported languages.

Supported Languages


If amdgpu_top is not enough for you or you don't like it, try the following applications.


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