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alox-48 (short for aluminum oxide 48) is a crate for deserializing and serializing as well Ruby's Marshal data format, using a custom data format like serde.

alox-48 intends to provide almost perfect round-trip deserialization, with some exceptions:

  • Object links are not preserved. Object links are a way for Ruby to compact data in Marshal. They rely heavily on Ruby having a GC and thus do not map well to Rust.
  • Bignum is unsupported.

Why a custom data format

Originally this crate relied on nightly to extend serde, using min_speciailization. Unfortunately that had many shortcomings and the deserializer would frequently choke on valid inputs and the serializer would spit out invalid data.

Most issues revolved around symbols- ruby uses @ prefixed symbols for instance variables, but also accepts variables without the prefix, silently discarding them.

I'm working on a separate serde adapter that can interface serde's data format with alox's, but that looks like it'll be nightly only.


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