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Telegram and Matrix bot for alerts from Alertmanager

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Telegram and Matrix bot for alerts from Alertmanager


Telegram preparations

  1. Create bot with BotFather and get token.

  2. Get your, group or channel chat id with Get My ID bot.

Matrix preparations

  1. Create user under which alerter will work.

  2. Add this user to room for alerts and get room_id.

After preparations:

  1. Configure alerter.

  2. Optionally check that messages are being sent and formatted correctly using this script:

    ./test.sh tg


    ./test.sh matrix
  3. Add alerter to receivers in your alertmanager.yml:

      - name: alerter_tg
          - send_resolved: true
            url: ""
      - name: alerter_matrix
          - send_resolved: true
            url: ""


You can modify default templates for your needs, they are in Handlebars format. For Telegram alerter uses HTML style and for Matrix Markdown style.


Prebuilt packages

You can download prebuilt archive or Deb/RPM package from releases.


Pull image from DockerHub:

docker pull ultram4rine/alerter

In other cases, you need Rust installed.


You can install alerter from crates.io:

cargo install alerter

Then download needed template and run.

Build from source

  1. Clone repository:

    git clone https://github.com/ultram4rine/alerter.git
    cd alerter
  2. Build binary:

    cargo build --release
  3. Binary should be in target/release/alerter.

Build Deb or RPM package

See cargo-deb or cargo-generate-rpm instructions respectively.


Use environment variables or command-line flags to configure alerter:

Environment variable Command-line flag Default Description
ALERTER_LISTEN_PORT --port (-p) 3030 Port to listen.
--tg Enable Telegram support.
ALERTER_TG_BOT_TOKEN --tg-token Telegram bot token. Required for Telegram support.
ALERTER_TG_CHAT_ID --tg-chat-id Telegram chat ID. Required for Telegram support.
ALERTER_TG_TMPL_PATH --tg-template-path templates/default.tg.hbs Path to handlebars template file. Required for Telegram support.
--matrix Enable Matrix support.
ALERTER_MATRIX_USERNAME --matrix-user Matrix username. Required for Matrix support.
ALERTER_MATRIX_PASSWORD --matrix-pass Matrix password. Required for Matrix support.
ALERTER_MATRIX_ROOM_ID --matrix-room-id Matrix room id. Required for Matrix support.
ALERTER_MATRIX_TMPL_PATH --matrix-template-path templates/default.matrix.hbs Path to handlebars template file for Matrix. Required for Matrix support.


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