Cargo Features

matrix-sdk = { version = "0.6.2", default-features = false, features = ["e2e-encryption", "js", "sled", "indexeddb", "qrcode", "markdown", "native-tls", "rustls-tls", "socks", "sso-login", "appservice", "image-proc", "image-rayon", "experimental-timeline", "sliding-sync", "docsrs", "eyre"] }
default = e2e-encryption, native-tls, sled

These default features are set whenever matrix-sdk is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.

e2e-encryption default docsrs? qrcode?

Enables crypto-store of optional matrix-sdk-sled, e2e-encryption of matrix-sdk-base and optional matrix-sdk-indexeddb

Affects encryption::Encryption, error::RoomKeyImportError, matrix-sdk::encryption


Enables js of matrix-sdk-base and matrix-sdk-common

sled default docsrs?

Enables state-store of matrix-sdk-sled


Enables matrix-sdk-indexeddb

qrcode docsrs? = e2e-encryption

Enables qrcode of matrix-sdk-base


Enables markdown of ruma ^0.7.0

native-tls default

Enables native-tls of reqwest


Enables rustls-tls of reqwest


Enables socks of reqwest

sso-login docsrs? = warp

Enables rand and tokio-stream

Affects login_builder::SsoLoginBuilder


Enables appservice-api-s of ruma ^0.7.0

image-proc docsrs? image-rayon?

Enables image

Affects attachment::generate_image_thumbnail, error::ImageError

image-rayon = image-proc

Enables jpeg_rayon of optional image


Enables experimental-timeline of matrix-sdk-base, optional matrix-sdk-indexeddb, and optional matrix-sdk-sled

sliding-sync = anyhow

Enables sliding-sync of matrix-sdk-base

docsrs = e2e-encryption, image-proc, qrcode, sled, sso-login

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

anyhow sliding-sync?

With default (std)

eyre implicit feature

With default features

warp sso-login?