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CLI and library for parsing and compiling Aldoc Markdown documents

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<<<<<<< HEAD aldoc is a Markdown variant with the goal of providing the beauty and control

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aldoc is a markup language with the goal of providing the beauty and control

06f86987d16706a69cfe4f65a86b7f9be41f36ae of LaTeX documents with Markdown's pretty syntax, in other words, letting you write your documents without hardcoding LaTeX.


This project is still in its infancy (pre-alpha), and major design decisions haven't been taken yet. The goals spoken of haven't been reached yet, and features are lacking, this shouldn't be used on its current state.


The syntax of Aldoc is still WIP: what syntax will be the most beneficious has not yet been decided, but still, the one used for testing temporarily is the following:

  • Paragraphs are spaced with a blank line between them.
     Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vestibulum dolor 
     quam, sagittis quis porta id, mattis eget ligula. Morbi id eros ut mi 
     lobortis laoreet non vel magna. Sed sollicitudin dapibus metus ut ultrices. 
     Sed ornare dolor risus, sit amet pretium tellus tempus et. Vivamus aliquet,
     felis venenatis finibus lacinia, nisi velit laoreet odio, vitae 
     pellentesque turpis eros nec est. Maecenas vestibulum scelerisque cursus.
  • Unnumbered lists can be written with the -, * the + character.
     - Alement
     - Belement
     - Celement
  • Aldoc's design allow you to use any combination of enumerator (1, a, III) and symbols (., ), -), in different orders.
    • With numbers:
       1. Alement
       2. Belement
       3. Celement
    • With letters (uppercase or lowercase):
       (a) Alement
       (b) Belement
       (c) Celement
    • With roman numbers (uppercase or lowercase):
       I- Alement
       II- Belement
       III- Celement


As a tool, library and Cargo package, it provides an abstraction for the language and also a way to compile the documents to PDF. To do that the following processes takes place:

  1. The Aldoc source is parsed into a Rust abstraction.
  2. The abstraction is compiled to LaTeX.
  3. The LaTeX code is compiled to PDF via Tectonic.


To actually compile the document, you only need to provide it with the input file path (.md) and the output pdf path, like this:

$ aldoc doc.md compile out.pdf

You may even omit the output file, in which case, aldoc will output a pdf with the same basename as the document.

$ aldoc doc.md compile # outputs pdf as "doc.pdf"


  • Normal paragraphs
  • Allow LaTeX in the source
  • Unnumbered lists
  • Enumerated lists
    • Numbered
    • Alphabetic
    • Roman
  • UTF-8 support
  • Cross-platform line endings
  • Control list tokens completely (make the selected token symbol appear in the final document)
  • Bold, italics and emphasize text
  • Checkboxes
  • Embeds
    • Images
    • Vector images
    • Tables
  • Line separators
  • LaTeX template support (for defaulting styles or packages)


Thanks to Markdown, and the Nom parser library for providing the necessary tools, as it was fundamental to making the Aldoc parser more extensible. Links for reference:


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