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Binary for Aigis, a simple and configurable content proxy

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You are looking at the README for the Aigis binary. If you want to run Aigis as apart of a Rust library you should use this instead.

A simple and configurable content proxy aimed at websites that want to embed image and video content from external sources whilst protecting user privacy.


Aigis is a hobby project, is not considered production ready, and has an unstable API. Anything about it including features, functionality and performance is subject to rapid change until stablised. This project is designed with my own infrastructure and needs in mind and may not be a perfect fit for yours. Be sure to look at other options such as imageproxy or ImageWizard as well!


  • Proxy endpoint image resizing and format changing via query parameters.
  • Upstream request caching that respects Cache-Control headers.
  • Content-Type allow-list.
  • 'Embed' endpoint that turns OpenGraph meta tags into a JSON format for use in frontend applications that embed content.
  • Improved format of request errors.
  • Subdomain wildcard support for --proxy-allowed-domains



An official Docker image is published to GHCR upon every release and is the recommended way to run the server.

Assuming you have Docker or another container tool installed locally simply run the following (replace <tag> with the version you would like to use).

docker run --name aigis -p 3005:3005 ghcr.io/blooym/aigis:<tag>


Assuming you already have Cargo installed locally you can simply run following to compile the binary yourself:

cargo install aigis-bin


Aigis is configured via command-line flags or environment variables and has full support for configuration information from.env files. Below is a list of all supported configuration options. You can also run aigis --help to get an up-to-date including default values.

Name Description Flag Env
Address The socket address that the local server should be hosted on --address AIGIS_ADDRESS
Request Timeout The maximum lifetime of an incoming request before it is forcefully terminated --request-timeout AIGIS_REQUEST_TIMEOUT
Allow invalid certs from upstream Allow self-signed/invalid/forged TLS certificates when making upstream requests (Dangerous) --upstream-allow-invalid-certs AIGIS_UPSTREAM_ALLOW_INVALID_CERTS
Upstream request timeout The maximum lifetime of an upstream request before it is forcefully terminated (in seconds) --upstream-request-timeout AIGIS_UPSTEAM_REQUEST_TIMEOUT
Upstream max redirects The maximum amount of redirects to follow when making upstream requests --upstream-max-redirects AIGIS_UPSTREAM_MAX_REDIRECTS
Use received cache headers Whether or not to send the client the Cache-Control header value that was received when making the request to the upstream server if one is available --use-received-cache-headers AIGIS_UPSTREAM_USE_RECEIVED_CACHE_HEADERS
Pass headers to upstream A list of header names that should be passed from the original request to the upstream if they are set. --upstream-pass-headers AIGIS_UPSTREAM_PASS_HEADERS
Proxy max content size The maximum Content-Length that can be proxied by this server --proxy-max-size AIGIS_PROXY_MAX_SIZE
Proxy allowed mimetypes A list of MIME "essence" strings that are allowed to be proxied by this server. Supports type wildcards (e.g. 'image/*') --proxy-allowed-mimetypes AIGIS_PROXY_ALLOWED_MIMETYPES
Proxy allowed domains A list of domains that content is allowed to be proxied. When left empty all domains are allowed. Does not support wildcards --proxy-allowed-domains AIGIS_PROXY_ALLOWED_DOMAINS
Proxy max upscale resolution The maximum resolution (inclusive) that is allowed to be requested when proxying content that supports modification at runtime proxy-max-upscale-res AIGIS_PROXY_MAX_UPSCALE_RES


Aigis is dual-licensed under both the MIT License and Apache 2.0 license at your choice.


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