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An advanced, reactive UI library for Rust
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What is agui?

Agui is an advanced reactive GUI project for Rust, inspired by Flutter and taking some concepts from other related UI systems.


Agui is very much still in heavy active development. The API will likely change, and it has yet to go under rigorous testing. However, that's not to say it's not ready for moderate use.

🛠️ Installation

Agui is available on crates.io, Rust's official package repository. Just add this to your Cargo.toml file:

agui = "0.1" # ensure this is the latest version

🚀 Usage

Docs for agui are under development, however you can check the agui_agpu/examples directory for basic setup, and agui_widgets for many examples on widget creation.

Creating new widgets

Currently, widgets are created using a Widget derive macro, and by implementing the WidgetBuilder trait.

#[derive(Default, Widget)]
// The default layout type is "column" but we want it to be a "row" instead.
pub struct MyWidget {
    // We can define parameters, here.
    pub layout: Ref<Layout>,

impl WidgetBuilder for MyWidget {
    // Widgets can return nothing, one or more children, or an error. BuildResult is the enum we use to cover those possibilities.
    fn build(&self, ctx: &WidgetContext) -> BuildResult {
        // `ctx.set_layout` is what we use to define this widget's layout parameters.
        // `ctx.set_layout` is what we use to define this widget's layout parameters.

        build! {
            Button { }

What's build!?

The build! macro makes it significantly cleaner and easier to init new widgets. All it does is initialize unset fields in a struct to their Default::default(), and add .into() to the struct itself.

// It allows us to turn this:

fn build(&self, ctx: &WidgetContext) -> BuildResult {
        Button {
            layout: Layout::default(),
            color: Color::default(),
            child: Text {
                text: String::from("A Button")

// Into this:

use agui::macros::build;

fn build(&self, ctx: &WidgetContext) -> BuildResult {
        Button {
            child: Text {
                text: String::from("A Button")

A more complex widget implementation (featuring global state and computed values) can be seen in the Button widget.

Functional Widgets are coming soon, which will make creating them even easier.

🤝 Contributing

Contributions are encouraged, and very welcome. Feel free to check the issues page if you wish to do so!

Please go through existing issues and pull requests to check if somebody else is already working on it. Also, make sure to run cargo test before you commit your changes!


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