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Ledger Nano plugin for age clients

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0.1.2 Jul 23, 2023
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0.1.0 May 11, 2023

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Ledger plugin for age clients

Encrypt/decrypt files by using age and a public/private key stored on a Ledger device. This plugin aims to allow interaction between a Ledger device and an age client like age or rage.

This plugin is highly based on age-plugin-yubikey by str4d.

Integration with Ledger Nano S+


You can install the plugin using:

cargo install age-plugin-ledger

You will also need to install the app for Ledger Nano.


age-plugin-ledger identities have two parts:

  • The secret key material, which is derivated from the Ledger Nano seed and never leaves the device.
  • An age identity file, which contains information that an age client can use to figure out which Ledger Nano should be used.

You may run the plugin to print the age identity file associated with the Ledger Nano:

$ age-plugin-ledger --identity

If you are using passage, you may add this identity to ~/.passage/identities.


The age recipients contained in all connected Ledger Nano can be printed on standard output:

$ age-plugin-ledger --list


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