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A configuration file format with macros for brevity

2 unstable releases

0.2.0 Oct 19, 2020
0.1.0 Sep 22, 2020

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MIT license

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Works, but isn't production ready

Awfully exciting object notation

Example file

@server(id, name, ip, port)
servers: [
	server(1, "test", [127,0,0,1], 7171),
	server(2, "production", [0,0,0,0], 8080),


/* using derive macro */
use aeon::convert_panic::*;
use aeon::*;
use aeon_derive::{Deserialize,Serialize};

#[derive(Serialize, Deserialize, Debug)]
pub struct Heuristic{
    pub value: String,
    pub weight: i32,

#[derive(Serialize, Deserialize, Debug)]
pub struct WithHeuristics {
	pub something: Vec<Heuristic>,
	pub else: bool,

// deserialize:
let heuristics = WithHeuristics::from_aeon(some aeon string here);
// serialize:
println!("{}", WithHeuristics::to_aeon(&heuristics));
// would print something similar to:
@heuristic(value, weight)

something: [
	heuristic("some_name", 10),
	heuristic("some_other_name", 19),

else: false

/* typing it out manually */
use aeon::*;
use aeon::convert_panic::*; // there's also aeon::convert::* if you prefer Option<T> over panics

let servers = aeon::deserialize(data).get("servers").list();
println!("{:?}", servers);
// there's also get_path("path/to/value") functions


Comments start with a '#' symbol.

# comments are allowed on their own lines
thing: "text" # and at the end of lines

Comments are not serialized when performing deserializing -> serializing, this may change in the future

Supported types

  • Lists - ["One", 2, 3]
  • Maps - {"one": 1, "a": "b"}
  • Bools (true/false are the only valid identifiers for bools)
  • Integers
  • Decimal numbers - Use a dot '.' as the decimal separator
  • Strings - Use double quotes, e.g. "this is a string"


Macros are parsed as HashMap<String, AeonValue>.

Macros start with an '@' symbol, followed by an identifier and a list of arguments.

E.g. @identifier(argument1, argument2, argument3)

Macros need to be defined before they are used, preferably at the start of the file, before any variables.

Macro identifiers can also be used as variable identifiers.

No runtime deps