Helps your great adventure for the various type of requests

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A general method of the common pattern for network requests.

This crate defines a general interface of the request-response pattern like HTTP request, and provides a number of composable constructs to work with it at the high-level.


# #[cfg(feature = "reqwest")]
# { (|| {
use std::time::Duration;

use adventure::prelude::*;
use adventure::response::LocalFuture01ResponseObj;
use futures::Future;
use reqwest::{r#async::Client, Error};
use serde::Deserialize;

// declare the request and the desired output.
struct GetRepo<'a> {
    owner: &'a str,
    repo: &'a str,

struct Repository {
    id: u64,
    name: String,
    full_name: String,
    description: String,

// describe the relation of request, result, and error.
impl BaseRequest for GetRepo<'_> {
    type Ok = Repository;
    type Error = Error;

impl<'a> Request<&'a Client> for GetRepo<'_> {
    // convenient wrapper for boxed futures
    type Response = LocalFuture01ResponseObj<'a, Self::Ok, Self::Error>;

    // implement how to send the request and extract the result.
    fn send(mut self: Pin<&mut Self>, client: &'a Client) -> Self::Response {
        let url = format!("https://api.github.com/repos/{}/{}", self.owner, self.repo);
        let resp = client.get(&url)
            .header("Accept", "application/vnd.github.v3+json")
            .and_then(|mut r| r.json());

// this is for `retry()` method.
impl RetriableRequest for GetRepo<'_> {
    fn should_retry(&self, err: &Self::Error, next_duration: Duration) -> bool {

// let's try it

use tokio::runtime::current_thread::block_on_all;

let client = Client::new();
let request = GetRepo { owner: "spoqa", repo: "adventure" };
let response = request
let repo = block_on_all(response.into_future())?;
assert_eq!(repo.description, "Helps your great adventure for the various type of requests.");
# Ok::<_, Box<dyn std::error::Error>>(())
# })().unwrap(); }


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