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HTTP client with middleware. Middleware provides composable support for record/replay, logging, exponential backoff, and more.

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Uses new Rust 2021

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0.1.12 Mar 31, 2022
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httpclient is a user-friendly http client in Rust, similar to reqwest and many others.

httpclient is under active development and is alpha quality softare. While we make effort not to change public APIs, we do not currently provide stability guarantees.

Why not reqwest?

  • reqwest objects are not serde-serializable. Having them serializable enables record/replay functionality.
  • reqwest uses it's own custom types. httpclient tries to stay close to the http library, where we directly re-use, or have simple newtypes around, http structs.
  • reqwest does not have middleware. httpclient provides powerful middleware for request recording, logging, retry, and other functionality. This functionality is user extensible.


  • Hide secrets in Recorder. Hash & Eq checks for requests must respect hidden values.


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