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Simple informal CLI client for AT protocol and bsky.app

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adenosine-cli: command-line client for AT protocol (atproto.com)

This is a simple, enthusiast-grade CLI client for the work-in-progress AT Protocol (atproto.com). Sort of like the http command (HTTPie).

It is an entirely "delegated" client, which means that it does not store or cache any user content locally; everything works by making requests to a Personal Data Server (PDS), which is usually a remote service.

The only real utility of this tool currently is messing around with prototype implementations, possibly while developing them.

This client does not currently do any schema validation of Lexicons, either at compile time or runtime (eg, dynamically fetching Lexicons). The Bluesky Lexicon (bsky.app) is partially supported with helper commands.

There is a manpage with usage details and examples.


  • generic XRPC invocation (GET and POST)
  • com.atproto Lexicon implementation
  • repo CAR file import/export
  • partial app.bsky Lexicon implementation
  • complete app.bsky Lexicon implementation
  • did:plc server interaction and chain validation
  • pretty printing of bsky records (eg, timeline) with JSON as a flag
  • test coverage

Possible future features:

  • Lexicon schema validation of records/requests
  • DID resolution to repo location (independent of PDS)
  • save login/configuration in homedir dotfile


adenosine-cli is implemented in Rust, and in theory could be distributed in binary form for multiple platforms.

TODO: debian packages for linux

Otherwise, you'll need to build the CLI tool from source. Install a recent version of the Rust programming language toolchain (eg, using rustup.

The top level workplace includes the PDS code, which has a huge dependency tree and is slow to build. If you just want the CLI, enter the adenosine-cli directory before running any cargo commands:

cd adenosine-cli
cargo install


You'll need an actual PDS server to interact with. As of November 2022, this could be an independent implementation like adenosine-pds, or the more official official bluesky-social/atproto prototype (see local atproto dev quickstart).

Set the ATP_PDS_HOST environment variable. Then either register a test account, or create a new session for an existing account, and save the JWT token to the ATP_AUTH_TOKEN:

export ATP_PDS_HOST=http://localhost:2583

export ATP_PDS_HOST=http://localhost:3030

adenosine account register -u voltaire.test -p bogus -e voltaire@example.com
  "did": "did:plc:yqtuksvatmmgngd5nkkw75hn",
  "jwt": "eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJkaWQ6cGxjOnlxdHVrc3ZhdG1tZ25nZDVua2t3NzVobiIsImlhdCI6MTY2Njk5NjMwNn0.MMQa4JIQdwvhy-rjJ0kO-z8-KdoOL0Lto9JtOkK-lwE",
  "username": "voltaire.test"

export ATP_AUTH_TOKEN=eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJkaWQ6cGxjOnlxdHVrc3ZhdG1tZ25nZDVua2t3NzVobiIsImlhdCI6MTY2Njk5NjMwNn0.MMQa4JIQdwvhy-rjJ0kO-z8-KdoOL0Lto9JtOkK-lwE


adenosine account login -u voltaire.test -p bogus
  "did": "did:plc:yqtuksvatmmgngd5nkkw75hn",
  "jwt": "eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJkaWQ6cGxjOnlxdHVrc3ZhdG1tZ25nZDVua2t3NzVobiIsImlhdCI6MTY2Njk5NjQxNX0.j2wcF1g9NxT_1AvYRiplNf_jtK6S81y3L38AkcBwOqY",
  "name": "voltaire.test"

export ATP_AUTH_TOKEN=eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJkaWQ6cGxjOnlxdHVrc3ZhdG1tZ25nZDVua2t3NzVobiIsImlhdCI6MTY2Njk5NjQxNX0.j2wcF1g9NxT_1AvYRiplNf_jtK6S81y3L38AkcBwOqY

You could save the ATP_PDS_HOST and ATP_AUTH_TOKEN values in ~/.bashrc so you don't need to enter them every time.

Now you can start posting and poking around:

adenosine status

adenosine bsky post "gruel again for breakfast"
  "cid": "bafyreig2aqlsg4arslck64wbo2hnhe6k2a4z3z2sjfzh3uapv3a4zjld7e",
  "uri": "at://did:plc:yqtuksvatmmgngd5nkkw75hn/app.bsky.post/3jg5zkr322c2a"

adenosine ls at://voltaire.test

Development and Contributions

Minimum Supported Rust Version (MSRV) is currently 1.61, using 2021 Rust Edition.

Contributions, conversations, bug reports, and handwriten postcards are all welcome. This is a low-effort hobby project so high-touch support, feature requests, growth strategies, etc, probably will not be fielded.

The source code license is AGPLv3. Please acknowledge this in any initial contributions, and also indicate whether and how you would like to be acknowledged as a contributor (eg, a name and optionally a URL).


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