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// see examples/framed_hello.rs for complete list of used crates.
extern crate actori_http;
use actori_http::{h1, Response, ServiceConfig};

fn main() {
    Server::new().bind("framed_hello", "", || {
        IntoFramed::new(|| h1::Codec::new(ServiceConfig::default()))	// <- create h1 codec
            .and_then(TakeItem::new().map_err(|_| ()))	                // <- read one request
            .and_then(|(_req, _framed): (_, Framed<_, _>)| {	        // <- send response and close conn
                SendResponse::send(_framed, Response::Ok().body("Hello world!"))
                    .map_err(|_| ())
                    .map(|_| ())


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