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Acme DNS Rust


This is an implementation based on the awesome Go Project Acme DNS written by @joohoi. It aims to be API compatible with the original implementation.


By default a configuration file is expected in the working directory with the name config.toml .

Example config:

dns = ""
db = "postgresql://postgres:mysecretpassword@localhost/postgres"
acme = "https://acme-staging-v02.api.letsencrypt.org/directory"
name = "acme.example.com"

A = [100, "", ""]
TXT = [100, "First", "Record"]

TXT = [100, "Hallo", "World"]
CNAME = [100, "lb.cloudflare.com"]

http = ""
# Adding a true after the addr activates proxy protocol for a listener
https = ["", true]
#Every listener is optional this line could be removed completely
prom = ""

It is possible to pass a diferent path as the first argument to the executable.

./acme-dns-rust different_name.toml

Records configuration

Acme DNS supports serving static DNS Records.

Currently supported records are:

  • TXT
  • A

CName records get resolved by the default OS DNS configuration. For obvious reasons CNAME records don't support multiple values, unlike TXT and A records.


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