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nightly a3mo_lib

Arma3 Mod Organizer libary. Provides functions for CLI Client and GUI

3 unstable releases

0.3.0 Aug 16, 2019
0.1.1 Jul 30, 2019
0.1.0 Jul 30, 2019

MIT license

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MO-Libary (WIP)

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This is the backend libary, that powers all Arma3 Mod Organizer projects.

Due to the WIP status of the project, anything can and will most likely change !


  1. Clone the repository
  2. Use cargo build --all --all-targets to build it.
    1. If you are using rust, you can instead import it as a cargo crate:
    a3mo_lib = {path="path_to_lib_folder"}
  3. An example for FFI bindings will be uploaded, once the Libary is no longer WIP.


  • Add Update.rs
    • Updates given repository (client-side)


MO-Libary is developed under MIT License.



~662K SLoC