Assert cmd is both an executable binary that can be run, and a library that can be used in Rust programs.

Installing the bin_fixture executable

Assuming you have Rust/Cargo installed, run this command in a terminal:

cargo install -f assert_cmd

It will make the bin_fixture command available in your PATH if you've allowed the PATH to be modified when installing Rust. cargo uninstall assert_cmd uninstalls.

Adding assert_cmd library as a dependency

If you have cargo-edit installed, run this command in a terminal, in your project's directory:

cargo add --dev assert_cmd

to add it a dev dependency (if it's used only in tests, not in the final product). To add it as a regular run-time dependency, run:

cargo add assert_cmd

To add it manually, edit your project's Cargo.toml file and add to the [dependencies] section:

assert_cmd = "1.0.1"

The assert_cmd library will automatically available globally. Read the assert_cmd library documentation.

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