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zero-copy I/O for Linux, supporting stable rustc versions

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Rust crate to provide a higher level abstraction over Linux's zero-copy I/O syscall: sendfile. This provides a significantly faster variant of io::copy(&mut source, &mut dest), which only works on Linux -- the platform of choice for the discerning programmer.


If you're simply copying a file to a different file descriptor, the copy function can be used:

extern crate zio_sendfile;

let mut source = File::open("source_path").unwrap();
let mut dest = File::create("dest_path").unwrap();
let bytes_per_write = 100 * 1024 * 1024;

zio_sendfile::copy(&mut source, &mut dest, bytes_per_write);

Note that the source and destination does not need to be a File, but can be any type which implements AsRawFd.

If you need a more elaborate configuration, the builder pattern is possible using the SendFile type:

extern crate zio_sendfile;

let mut source = File::open("source_path").unwrap();
SendFile::new(&mut source, 100 * 1024 * 1024)
    .send(&mut File::create("dest_path").unwrap()).unwrap();

Each write will update the offset integer stored within the SendFile, so it can be used to track the progress of a copy.