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ZeroTwo authentication protocol with wasm bindings

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0.9.4 Feb 9, 2023
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0.9.2 May 29, 2020
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This is an elliptic curve instantiation of the authentication scheme designed by Laurent Chuat, Sarah Plocher, Adrian Perrig.

It is a state-of-the-art user-friendly protocol that combines the best properties of SRS, PAKE, and 2FA.


// Initial setup
let master_secret = "Keep my secret darling!".as_bytes().to_vec();
let user_id = "Hiro".as_bytes().to_vec();
let server_id = "Strelizia".as_bytes().to_vec();
let duration = 10000u32;
// On registration
let verifier = register(&user_id, &server_id, &master_secret);
// Called on every login attempt by the server
// It's the server's responsibility to look up the verifier data associated with a user
// This challenge can be shown on independent plaintext channels like QR codes
let challenge = gen_challenge(&verifier.public);
// Called on every login attempt by the client
let proof = prove(&user_id, &server_id, &challenge.public,
				   &master_secret, duration);
// Verification
assert!(verify(&user_id, &server_id, challenge, proof, &verifier.public, duration));

Wasm bindings

If you have wasm-pack set up you can build the library using:

wasm-pack build or wasm-pack build --target=nodejs for node

This generates the bindings under /pkg which you can use as seen in test.js

const user_id = 'hiro'
const server_id = 'Strelizia'
const master_secret = 'Keep my secret darling!'
const duration = 10000
const zeroTwo = require('./pkg/zerotwo.js')

const verifier = zeroTwo.register(user_id, server_id, master_secret)
// save as verifier.to_js()
// load as zeroTwo.KeyPair.from_js(...)
const challenge = zeroTwo.gen_challenge(verifier.pubkey())
// save as challenge.to_js()
// load as zeroTwo.KeyPair.from_js(...)
const proof = zeroTwo.prove(user_id, server_id, challenge.pubkey(),
                            master_secret, duration)
// save as proof.to_js()
// load as zeroTwo.Proof.from_js(...)
const authenticated = zeroTwo.verify(user_id, server_id, challenge, 
                                     proof, verifier.pubkey(), duration)
if (authenticated) {
  console.log("you are my darling!");


This distribution includes cryptographic software. The country in which you currently reside may have restrictions on the import, possession, use, and/or re-export to another country, of encryption software. BEFORE using any encryption software, please check your country's laws, regulations and policies concerning the import, possession, or use, and re-export of encryption software, to see if this is permitted. See http://www.wassenaar.org/ for more information.


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