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Yogurt Yaml

This package allows the user to extract yaml from yogurt files, where yogurt files are bassically all files containing a Identifier[.*]-like syntax. This package only extracts ID[.*], REF[.*], ADD[.*] or END[.*]. There will be a cli version with more options and functionality: yocurt-cli.


There is a lib and a executable, which can be used to extract yaml content specified by ID[.*], REF[.*], ADD[.*] or END[.*].

Pipe file.md

# Title

Text in a file.

ID[NAME, attribute: value]

## Next Title

More text

REF[NAME, attribute: value, other_attribute: other_value]

Into curt-extract

 cat file.md | curt-extract > result.yaml

Returns result.yaml

- {ID: NAME, attribute: value}
- {REF: NAME, attribute: value, other_attribute: other_value}

CLI Examples

Simple Example

It is possible to extract yaml from any file.

cat file | curt-extract

More sophisticated Example

Other commandline tools can be used to extend the functionality.

cat **/*.adoc | curt-extract | yaml json write - | less